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Pain Companion - Fibromyalgia


"I love this app. It's so helpful in talking to the doctors!""I felt so all alone and isolated with my pain and this app has brought me together with so many wonderful people who show me on a daily basis that I am not alone and never will be."
"If you have chronic pain and you want to measure the effect of your treatment, download this app!"
Pain Companion allows you to:- create detailed color pain drawings to express the location and the intensity of your pain- track other symptoms like stress, fatigue and your mood- view a generated chart showing the course of your symptoms and wellbeing- meet patients who have the same pain pattern and medical conditions like you- discuss best practices regarding treatment and pain management in our friendly and supportive patient community- send private messages- build friendships with people who know what it feels like to suffer from medical conditions like fibromyalgia, lupus, arthritis, endometriosis, multiple sclerosis and many more.- find ways to improve your current situation
This app is being developed by chronic pain patients for chronic patients. Together we are stronger than pain.
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